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july 27 -  august 2, 2020 

Villa Maddalena - Bra (CN)


The mask covers our face and makes us look different.

Sometimes unawares, we use mask daily to play our character, our characters, to feel different from how we are: more interesting, intelligent, seductive...

Neutral mask forces us to use the body as the only means of expression, helps us to find an essential language and to define its outlines.

In times of distancing we can turn neutrality into a research tool for a more essential theatre, more tragic, more urgent and direct, stronger.

With the constraints and limitations dictated by the health rules, the workshop on the use and the staging of the Neutral mask will be an opportunity to make a virtue of necessity.

It will be a profound and demanding work aimed at eliminating the masks of everyday life in order to reach the essence, the silence from which the action must start.

The program includes the construction of your own mask.

The workshop is intended for both professional actors and well-motivated people, even if convinced of having no talent or not being able to be actors.


Teachers: Giovanni Foresti e Paola Omodeo Zorini


Information and enrollment

Paola Omodeo Zorini with a larval mask during reharsals of
"Autour du masque", directed by  Pierre Byland,  Mareike Schnitker and Enrico Ferretti.
Ascona (Switzerland), Teatro S.Materno (dir. Tiziana Arnaboldi), 2019
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