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Workshops for actors


Oucloupo training and production workshops are founded and based on Pierre Byland’s ‘Clown Clandestine’ education process, the study of neutrality and street art techniques. Main goal is to train actors..

“Clandestine” is an incognito clown, unknown, with no tricks, no red nose or any other mask. Can be anyone walking in the street, on stage, in a conference room or wherever there might be a possible audience. Seems like an ordinary person but something doesn’t quite fit, in their rhythm, their walk, actions and energy would come out as unconventional, making you wonder…is it real? Is that an actor? What’s really going on?


 “Clandestine” is a theatrical excuse to lead the actor to experience their own presence and ability to draw the audience attention, tell a story and make the best use of the space, interacting with other actors and the scene in this thin line in balance between fiction and reality.

Whether on stage or on a film set, these elements will be the reference for the actor and will allow them to become director of themselves, finding the actual essence of the action in the repertoire of human languages which belongs to us all.

• Neutral mask: neutrality, energy, rhythm, listening, choir.
• Improvisation techniques: listening to the audience, time stop, game of the looks.
• Tragedy: urgency and truth of theatrical language.
• Clandestine Clown: the hidden clown, without red nose.
• Moments of work in the street, natural theatrical space as well as ground for  training and experimentation for the actor in contact with the audience.


Our training workshops are intended for both professional actors and well-motivated people who want to discover the basics of clown language and his tragic presence even if convinced of having no talent or not being able to be actors.

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